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3 Easy Tips for Fitting Self-Care Into Your Busy Schedule

I’m at home on a Friday afternoon when I should be at work. I’m at home because I’m sick. It’s likely just a bad cold (*knock on wood*), but I felt bad enough to leave the office before lunchtime.

I tend to be one of those busybody types. I’m always on the go–running errands, doing chores around the house, working on something.

While that’s great for my productivity, it’s terrible for my self-care. I keep myself so busy that I don’t take the time to listen to what my body needs. I ignore the repeated signals that my body needs to rest and recover.

Then I get sick. And I’m forced to slow down.

1. Exercise

Get Moving! No seriously, I know it may seem counter-intuitive but getting that heart rate up for even 15 minutes can instantly boost your mood. This can reduce Depression and help you sleep better!

2. Scalp Massage

Did you know that you can massage your way to hair growth? All you need is your favorite hair oil (we have an awesome one here!) and 5 min! Pour a small amount of oil on your fingertips or oil your scalp as normal. Use the fingertips of both hands to apply light to medium pressure to your scalp, moving in small circles. Work your way across your scalp to cover all areas. Try to massage your scalp using your fingertips for at least 5 minutes at a time, several times a day. This increases blood flow to your hair follicles strengthening the shaft and allowing the essential oils to really penetrate and get that scalp stimulated!

2. Bath/Shower

A bath with epsom salt and essential oils can soothe your body and mind. The salt and warm water help to relax achy muscles. A few drops of lavender or bergamot oil can have a calming effect. And there’s something peaceful about being in a bathtub.

Even if you don’t have the time in your schedule for a bath with “the works,” you can take an extra minute or two in the shower to find some relaxation.

Inhale some deep breaths of steamy air before turning the water off. Or let the hot water run over your neck and shoulders as you gently stretch them. We tend to hold a lot of tension in these areas so stretching with the added heat reduces the chance of straining a muscle.

This is also a great way to pass the time while deep conditioning during Wash Day. We love to use our favorite Shampoo and Conditioner then relax while deep conditioning with a conditioning cap for added heat.

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