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our Flawless story

Hi Gems, I'm Brittany!  Like many young women, I started--well I had- to learn more about haircare and protective styling once I was in college---I was low on cash and not used to having to care for my hair on my own.  I QUICKLY discovered weave and extensions but I ALWAYS wanted to preserve, grow and nurture my hair underneath so I immersed myself in product after product- vendor after vendor- until found my perfect- FLAWLESS- touch and staple ingredients.  Fast forward a few years---and a few business degrees later and FLAWLESS BLENDS was born!  

Since May 2014, Flawless Blends, LLC has sourced high quality extensions and Mink Lashes for EVERY WOMAN but especially for ones looking to hold themselves to the highest of standards for both WORK and PLAY.  

Our Newly Launched Hair Care Line has been carefully curated, with every ingredient ethically sourced and packed with nutrients and oils for MAXIMUM HAIR GROWTH and Maintenance!

We can only go up from here Gems!  Thank you for embarking on this journey with us!

-Brittany Nicole

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